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This episode’s storyteller is actor Brett Dalton who performed at our Father Knows Best show and took the opportunity to wax paternal about how to answer those big questions that come from his precocious daughter, and how he found out that sometimes all it takes to outsmart a grown man is a kid in their single digits.
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This episode’s storyteller is our very own Emmy Nominee, Writer, Producer, Podcast co-host, and dad, Alex Gradet, who shares his tale of very nearly describing the logistics of a ghost blow-job to his four year old son. Happy Father's Day Alex!
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Join Alex and Joe along with special return-guests Mark Winters and Joshua Rea from the Brite Spot Diner in Echo Park as they discuss Vol. 2 of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and how  moon punching can’t trump Kurt Russell’s charm and speaking of Trump, this film is actually Hillary Clinton’s revenge on the world.
**SPOILERS** This films entire galaxy is revealed.
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Produced and Edited by Brian Weiss.
Executive Produced by Alex Gradet, Joe Tower, Carlo Moss, and Mark Cope.
Recorded at Brite Spot Diner in Echo Park, CA.
Music by Magnetic Music featuring Darryl Clift.
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A HatBeard Company production.
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Join Alex and Joe along with special guests Asha Michelle Wilson and Mabry Williams from the podcast TV Wars: A New Trope, at The Eclectic in North Hollywood as they discuss the latest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise, and how the biggest crises facing America may be The Rock and Vin Diesel not getting along. Also, not "F8" of the Furious?!? Really producers?
**SPOILER ALERT** We race through every lane of this film.
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Join Alex and Joe along with special guest Carlo Moss of the Extra Credit Network from the Good Neighbor Restaurant in Studio City as they discuss the new Danny Boyle sequel to see if the people you didn't want to hang out with when they were twenty have grown up to become the people you still don't want to hang out with.
**SPOILER ALERT** All points of the film are spotted.
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This episode’s storyteller is Actor/Producer/Writer/Director Chadwick Hopson of The Knights Young, an incredibly kind, hilarious, and generous dude. Despite all of his awesomeness, he shares his tale of how being a mammas boy can sometimes go too far.
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AY-YAH, dude! Ben Tibbels is excited to revisit a childhood favorite that really kicks some butts, 3 Ninjas! Marshall and Laura complete the trio and questions arise: has the FBI ever faced off with real ninjas? Is revenue from martial arts studios considered blood money? Is this what you get when you dump all of 1992 into a blender and hit purée? Find out on the latest episode of "Do I Still Love It?"

Ben Tibbels is a comedian and actor living in Los Angeles. He is a member of the comedy crew Thirtyseven Robots and you can see him in the comedy-horror flick "Dickripper!"
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This episode’s storyteller is British comic sensation, James Acaster, with a tale of proper youthful drunkedness and the harrowing near-miss when he has a run in with 10 blokes in properly-ironed, button-down shirts.
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Artist Celery Jones drops by Marshall and Laura's place to discuss the movie that taught her to love weird boys: Edward Scissorhands! Will Tim Burton's opus about being a weirdo in vanilla suburbia still resonate with these grown-up big kids now that they've escaped suburban life? Will the original "Tim Burton film" be too Tim-Burton-y even by modern standards ::shiver::DarkShadows::shiver:: ? Find out as we ask the question "Do I Still Love Edward Scissorhands?"
Celery Jones is an artist and art director from Lexington, KY and based in Los Angeles. Her work has been featured all over television, including HGTV's Smart Home sweepstakes (register to win it!) and HGTV's Urban Oasis sweepstakes (register to win it, too!)

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Comedian Katie Reed stops by with their favorite imaginary friend movie "Drop Dead Fred." Marshall, Laura, and Katie take a trip into the memory banks to recall their own imaginary playthings, delve into gross-out humor as a medium, and ponder on how much sex and violence really makes a movie "family friendly." Find out how much on this week's "Do I Still Love It?"
Katie Reed is a comedian, writer, and activist living in Los Angeles. Their hilarious twitter is @thatKatieReed and should be followed immediately. And check out The Sorting Hat Podcast, where Katie and friends sort things into Hogwarts houses!

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